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These are the terms and conditions upon which Waverley Industries Ltd. may supply goods and services to an accepted credit account member.

1.  All goods and services supplied by Waverley Industries to the Customer must be paid in full, at the time of the transaction is no credit limit has been approved or on or before 14 days from the date of the invoice. 

2.  In the event an order is missing any items, please notify Order-In within 24 hours of the delivery and we will adjust your invoice. We cannot guarantee an invoice will be adjusted if we are notified of an omission more than 72 hours after delivery.

3.  Waverley accepts all major credit cards, with the exception of AMEX.  All credit card payments will incur a fee of 1.5% + GST. 

4.  If any invoice is not paid to Waverley Industries by the customer on or before the due date then an account administration fee of $25 may become payable. The account administration fee will be at the current overdraft rate calculated on the amount remaining unpaid and computed from the due date.

5.  Waverley Industries reserves the right at all times to suspend or discontinue the supply of goods and services to the Customer without being obliged to give any reason for its action.

6.  In the case of a monthly credit account opened in the names of two or more persons these persons are jointly and severally liable to pay that account.

7.  Transfer of ownership:

Goods which we agree to sell shall remain the sole and absolute property of Waverley Industries as the legal and equitable owner until such time as the customer has paid in full for those goods but such goods shall nevertheless be at the risk of the customer as soon as they are delivered to or to the order of the customer.

Such goods shall be held by the customer as bailee for us until full payment has been made.

The customer’s right to possession of the goods shall cease if he, not being a company, commits an available act of bankruptcy or if he is a Company a Receiver or Manager becomes entitled to take possession of any assets of the Company or any proceedings are instituted for the winding up of the Company. Upon the happening of any such Waverley Industries or its authorised representatives may repossess the goods and for this purpose are at liberty to enter upon any business where we reasonably believe they might be.




1.  The Customer and/or Guarantor(s) are informed that personal information (including an opinion) relating to the Customer and Guarantor might be disclosed by Waverley Industries Ltd to a credit reporting agency.

2.  The Customer and/or Guarantor agree:

(a)  To Waverley Industries Ltd obtaining from a business which provides information about the commercial and/or consumer credit worthiness of persons concerning my commercial and/or consumer activities or commercial and/or consumer credit worthiness and using that information for the purpose of assessing this application.

(b)  To any credit reporting agency giving to Waverley Industries Ltd a credit provider any credit report or record or information that has any bearing on the credit worthiness, credit standing, credit history or credit capacity of the Customer and Guarantor for any of the following purposes:

        (i)  To assess an application by the Customer or Guarantor for credit.

        (ii)  To notify other credit providers of a default by the Customer or Guarantor.

        (iii)  To exchange information with other credit providers as to the status of the account where I am in default with another credit provider.

To assess the credit worthiness of the Customer and Guarantor at any time.